Social Anxiety Check

This is a screening tool designed to help identify experiences common to social anxiety. It does not consider all experiences of social anxiety or the possible reasons why a person might be having them. This tool is not designed to provide a formal diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder. Only a professional can make a diagnosis.

This scale was designed for people 17 and older; if you are under 17 your results may be less accurate. This screening is not perfect and we advise you to take action and seek help if you are distressed.

Carefully read each of the statements listed below. Decide to what degree each statement is characteristic of you. Try to answer based on your first reaction to the statement. Do not spend too long on any one item.

We will not share your answers or any information about you with anyone. Please see our privacy policy available here for more information.

Carleton R.N., McCreary D.R., Norton P.J., & Asmundson, G.G. (2006). Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation scale revised. Depression and Anxiety 23, 297–303.