Don't Wait to Get Help

People who experience troubling anxiety sometimes feel like this problem will never go away. It can be hard to see past how you are feeling right now, but there is help available. The sooner the better as the consequences of not dealing with anxiety problems can be serious.

Getting help for anxiety problems means you're taking action so that you can:

  • Try new things without the paralyzing fear
  • Have fun being with your friends and meeting new friends
  • Accomplish what you need to do in a day
  • Be productive in your job
  • Enjoy and get the most out of life
  • Function well day-to-day

What You Can Do

Explore self-care options. Self care refers to actions you can take yourself to manage anxiety so it doesn't interfere with your life. In the resources section you will find links to websites that offer self care tools. These tools can also help to ward off future anxiety problems and are useful even if you’ve scored low or mild on the quiz. self-care resources

Remind Yourself of Solutions You've Used in the Past. Sometimes when we try to deal with a problem, we focus on times when we weren't successful. Yet there are always times when we were able to deal with it. Thinking about these situations can help reveal clues and ideas about ways that work for us. It is also helpful to think about exceptions -- times when you didn't feel anxious about the situation or you were able to stop it from interfering in your life. What helped to achieve this?

If anxiety symptoms are causing you distress and interfering with your life, find out how you can get more supportGET SUPPORT