What To Look For

In this section, you can learn about the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms that can occur as result of stress.  Stress can affect many aspects of our mental and physical health.

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Behaviours: Stop doing activities that were fun or important to you. Use alcohol or drugs to cope with stress.
Feelings: Feel irritable. Feel overwhelmed. Get frustrated easily by things you used to handle pretty well. Feel you are stretched to the breaking point.
Physical Signs: Feel dizzy and light-headed. Notice changes in your appetite or sleep patterns. Feel exhausted and worn out. Feel sick or have no appetite. Have headaches and/or muscle tension in the back and neck.
Thoughts: Find it hard to concentrate on what you're doing. Have trouble making decisions. Forget things more than usual. Have thoughts that constantly run through your head.

Symptoms experienced as a result of stress can range in

  • intensity from mild to severe
  • how long they’ve been going on
  • how much they interfere in daily life

Not everyone experiences the same set of symptoms or to the same level. Being able to recognize these symptoms and taking action can prevent problems from getting worse.

Concerned About a Friend?

Often friends notice changes that may signal an emerging mental health challenge. For information on how to support a friend, visit Supporting your friend through tough times.