For Families

You may be here because you feel like something’s not quite right with your teenage or young adult family member. You may be wondering if it’s just a phase or if they need some help. At you can learn more about some common mental health challenges that teens and young adults experience, determine if a problem potentially exists and get connected to resources.

This website will help you gain a better understanding of what to look for when a young person is struggling with low mood, anxiety, stress, body image or eating problems, substance use or psychosis. Our simple screening quizzes will help your teenage or young adult family member to better understand of their experiences and, if needed, connect them to appropriate resources. 

For the most accurate results, the young person should complete the quizzes themselves as some questions relate to personal thoughts and feelings.


At we are committed to helping young people learn to recognize early signs of emerging mental health difficulties and steps they can take to restore their mental wellness. We also recognize the importance of family in early detection and supporting youth to overcome mental health challenges.

In this section, you will find information and suggestions to assist you in identifying troubling signs of emerging mental health difficulties and tips for conversations with your young person.


                   Mental Health -  more than mental illness