Supporting your Friend Through Tough Times

Do you have a friend who just doesn’t seem to be themselves? Something about them has changed, and you’re wondering what’s going on for them?

Friends can be the first ones to notice changes in other friends. It may be a change in mood, certain behaviours, or in activities they previously enjoyed. You may have noticed that your friend seems to be tired all the time or easily irritated. Maybe they've stopped hanging out and spend more time alone. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what’s different about them but generally you have a sense that something is wrong. Maybe they’ve confided in you that they are struggling with their mental health.

Many young people turn to their friends for help if they are having a problem (of any kind). Knowing how to support a friend is an important part of friendship. 

how can I help?

Being a friend means being there when things are great and when they’re not so great. Supporting a friend shows you care.

Knowing how to support a friend is a great skill you will use throughout your life. You likely already know some ways. Think about how your family or your friends have supported you through difficult times or how you've been there for someone else in the past. WHAT ARE THE SIGNS?

In this section, you will find some tips and suggestions for how to support a friend:

  • early on when you first start to notice changes that concern you
  • as they are overcoming their mental health struggles and learning how to manage
  • to maintain and strengthen their mental wellness (and yours as well!)