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Mental Health

The term ‘mental health’ means different things to different people, but often the focus is on individuals who have a mental illness. The reality of mental health is far different. It’s part of all of us; it’s how the thoughts, feelings & behaviours (TF&B) we experience affect our daily lives - our ability to work, learn, how we feel about ourselves, engage in daily activities, and our relationships with others.

Our mental health state can change depending on our life circumstances and events that impact us. We all experience times when we feel down or have worries or negative thoughts. Stress in our lives can feel overwhelming and make it difficult to do everyday things.

Mental health challenges can range from mild to severe. When there is a pattern of symptoms (troublesome thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours) that persist, are distressful, and greatly interfere in daily life, a person may be diagnosed with a clinical mental health disorder.

Mental health disorders seldom appear in full bloom. They are usually preceded by small changes such as mild emotional distress and some difficulty in day-to-day activities. Addressing emerging issues at an early stage can help prevent mental health problems from getting worse and disrupting a young person's life.

                                  Continuum of Mental Health Challenges

Youth and Mental Health

Although mental health challenges can emerge at any point in one's life, many people say that they first began to have difficulties during adolescence or young adulthood.

We have learned how to seek help when we experience physical symptoms like an earache, and we act on these early signs right away, knowing that the problem will get worse if it is not treated. For mental health symptoms we either don't know what to look for or believe we should ‘suck it up’ unless it’s really bad.

If you're not feeling like your usual self, take some time to see what's going on. At mindcheck.ca we've provided tools you can use to better understand your state of mental health and links to resources you can use to help yourself get back on track.

                                        Tools on mindcheck.ca

Taking steps to deal with mental health challenges can help you to

  • Do your best in school
  • Be successful and productive in your work life
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Enjoy life


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