Harm Reduction Tips

mindcheck.ca neither condemns nor condones drug use. We recognise that people may experience both positive and negative effects from their use of substances, legal or illegal.

Using drugs to get high always has risks and it is easy to put yourself in danger. Young teenagers and those who are struggling with mental health issues are at greatest risk for harm.

Young people who use a mix of different drugs at the same time are at higher risk for drug use problems.

In spite of the risks, some young people do experiment and use various types of drugs. Below are some tips used by young people to reduce the risks associated with using drugs:

  • If you are offered drugs, be cautious. If trying for the first time, take a small amount and wait to see what effect it has on you
  • Watch how other people behave, but remember that not everyone responds in the same way to a substance
  • Know your dealer rather than buying from a stranger. But keep in mind that even your dealer may not know the origin and ingredients of the drug
  • If you decide to get high, be sure you are with people you trust and who know what to do in an emergency
  • Use drugs in moderation
  • Research substances before trying them
  • Plan your drug use rather using them spontaneously
  • Don't share needles, pipes or any other equipment
  • Do not drive while under the influence
  • Avoid using different drugs (including alcohol) in combination at the same time
  • Take a holiday from your drug use

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