Alcohol and Drug Use Check

The  questions  in  part  A)  and  B)  are  about  your  use  of alcohol  and  other drugs  over  the  last  month. This does not include tobacco or taking prescribed medicine as directed.  Please answer every question as best you can, even if you are not certain.  Choose only one box on each row.

Didn't useOnce a week or lessMore than once a weekMost days or more
Alcoholic drinks (e.g. beer, wine, spirits, hard liquor, coolers)
Cannabis (weed, pot)
Other drugs (e.g., meth, ecstasy, crack)
Not TrueSomewhat TrueCertainly True
I took alcohol or drugs when I was alone.
I‘ve thought I might be hooked or addicted to alcohol or drugs.
Most of my free time has been spent getting hold of, taking, or recovering from alcohol or drugs.
I’ve wanted to cut down on the amount of alcohol and drugs that I am using.
My alcohol and drug use has stopped me getting important things done.
My alcohol or drug use has led to arguments with the people I live with (family, roommates or caregivers etc.).
I’ve had unsafe sex or an unwanted sexual experience when taking alcohol or drugs.
My performance or attendance at school (or at work) has been affected by my alcohol or drug use.
I did things that could have got me into serious trouble (stealing, vandalism, violence etc.) when using alcohol or drugs.
I've driven a car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (or have been driven by someone under the influence).


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