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Ever wonder the connections between mental and physical health? Well, their are many different associations linked between physical health and mental health that can impact your quality of life.


Post-holiday fun and cheer got you down? Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps you down when these winter months hit? I mean, living in the Lower Mainland, and in the Fraser Valley, it tends to be wet and cloudy every day in these so called winter months. If you manage to get up out of bed in the morning it is still dark out, then just like that daylight is gone and it’s dark at 4:00pm. Myself, in my darkest days of my depression, I found it extremely impossible to even get out of bed when I noticed the sound of rain thundering down outside my window.


As we enter the New Year here at Speak Up we wanted to give everyone a bit of an idea of where we are at as a program in the New Year. 2016 is a year full of promise for Speak Up and we hope to make some great strides a as program in the coming 12 months!


** In our holiday themed guest blog Trevin checks in again to provide his insight and experience with the holiday season!**


Hello, my name is Trevin Sewell. I have been asked to be apart of the Speak Up team as a volunteer blogger, and write monthly blogs on my own experiences with mental health, good and bad. Through my journey with mental health I have had many points in life where I struggled with depression and anxiety. As I continue my journey of understanding of my own mental health and wellness, I want to reach out and help as many people as I can along the way. For my first blog I wanted to talk a little about my own experience so you know where I come from in my wellness journey!


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Meet Trevin

Trevin was born and raised in Abbotsford B.C, and graduated from Robert Bateman Secondary. Trevin has always been into sports, especially hockey, starting at a young age, and playing competitive level hockey until the age of 20. Trevin continues his passion for hockey by taking the coaching ranks and now volunteers as a coach for a local Junior B team in the Fraser Valley. At points in his life Trevin has battled depression and anxiety that have challenged him to reassess his health and motivated him contribute to changing the conversation around mental health. Trevin joins the Speak Up Team as a blogger, writing monthly blogs on mental health issues and his own experience with mental health. Trevin’s goal is to inspire others and communicate with youth and young adults about a more positive conversation around mental health.

Meet Lindsey

I am a 23 year old who is actively involved in multiple roles in the helping profession, including Teaching Assistant, Program Assistant, Child Care Worker and Support Worker for children and youth with Autism. With an undergrad degree in Child and Youth Care, I have recently begun my next educational endeavor to obtain a Master's of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, in order to pursue my true passion of assisting youth who struggle with mental health challenges.  Having struggled silently with my own mental health challenges during adolescence, I feel a commitment to supporting the change in conversation so that future generations of youth do not have to feel stigma or isolation.  I advocate so that one day all youth can seek support early on and speak openly about their struggles, much in the way I wasn't able to. In the few hours that I am not working or sleeping, you'll find me on my yoga mat!


Meet Erin

I am passionate for wellness in the workplace. With HR qualifications and personal mental health experience I educate and advocate to reduce the stigma of mental health in Canada and the UK through her blogs.

My first psychosis episode was drug-induced after backpacking around Europe, ending in Amsterdam. Armed with certifications in Reiki, reflexology and practicing daily meditation I have been able to transform my experience of a breakdown into a breakthrough. Nine years later I experienced my second psychosis episode, stress-induced, after starting a stressful job and living in London, England. Now, more than ever, I am dedicated to reducing mental health issues by sharing my experiences and educating people about wellness tools. 

Meet Karen

I am an 18 year old advocate for mental health. I graduated from  Fleetwood Park Secondary in June 2013. I started volunteering in high school and did my first speaking event for mental health a few weeks before my 18th birthday in February 2013. I am now one of five spokespeople for the Faces of Mental Illness campaign 2013. I love playing World of Warcraft (reppin' Alliance) and a little too much GTA and Halo. I started getting help for my mental health challenges when I was 15, got my diagnoses of bipolar disorder type 2, ADHD, and OCD at 16 and was able to close my file with my counsellor and psychiatrist last April. Cognitive behavioural therapy and medication played a strong role in me coming back mentally healthy. I love to write in my spare time and hope to study psychology and film making in university.

Meet Simone

I'm a second year psychiatric nursing student at Douglas College. I've been interested in psychology for as long as I can remember but I became especially interested in mental health issues after watching my best friend battle an eating disorder for most of her teenage years.  I hope that by volunteering with Speak Up I can help change the conversation surrounding mental illness and play a  part in reducing the stigma that surrounds these issues. In my free time I like to do yoga as a stress-reliever and when I'm not too busy with schoolwork I volunteer at the animal shelter as a professional cat cuddler.