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"This is Mental Health"

While there’s a lot of talk about mental health these days, it tends to focus on mental illness and problems and increasing our tolerance of people with them. This type of conversation makes it hard to see how mental health is something we all have.


We all have mental health.

There is no “us” versus “them.”


"People easily point to mental health in others - especially those they think have a problem - but generally fail to recognize it as something that’s part of themselves." Jasper Moedt, Youth Peer Coordinator


In reality, our mental health is comprised of the thoughts, feelings and behaviours (TF&B) that colour our daily life – positively, negatively and everything in between. Our mental health is how these TF&B affect us in our day-to-day living. They can help us to accomplish things and succeed and sometimes they can interfere and make life difficult for us. Understanding how the thought, feeling, or behaviour is impacting our life helps us to know our mental health.

Looking a mental health this way, we can see that someone who is experiencing a mental health problem isn't any different from you and me. They just happen to be dealing with TF&B that interfere with life.



Examples of Posts Illustrating TF&B

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