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Your answers indicate that you have not experienced any symptoms of psychosis in the past year.

What you should know

Losing touch with reality is considered a major part of a condition known as psychosis. Defining “being out of touch with reality” is not easy. The questions in the quiz that you just took are some examples of the kinds of experiences that can indicate a person is losing touch with reality (and may be experiencing psychosis).

These experiences may be a result of stress or can occur while you’re high on drugs. Sometimes people will answer yes to some of the questions even though they are not experiencing psychosis. For example, a person may say “yes” to the question that people are out to harm them because they are being bullied at school.

Psychotic episodes are periods of time when symptoms of psychosis are strong and interfere with regular life.  Approximately 3% of people will experience a psychotic episode at some stage in their life, although a first episode usually occurs in adolescence or early adult life.  When psychosis occurs, getting help early is very important because the longer it goes on the more seriously it disrupts a person’s life. 

Because it is difficult to know whether an unusual experience might be associated with a serious problem, it is always best to check it out with a professional. 

What you can do

Based on your answers, we recommend:

  1. Learn more about the signs of psychosis. It is important to be able to identify psychosis early if you or someone you know starts having unusual experiences.     

  2. Learn about early psychosis intervention services in BC 

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