Supporting your friend's mental wellness

There are lots of things you and your friends can do to help strengthen mental wellness. We all need to figure out what ways of managing our mental health work for us.

This section provides  suggestions and actions that can help you and your friends to better deal with  challenging events of life. Supporting your friend to try new strategies can help them to figure out what works for them.

Maintaining mental wellness means finding a balance in all areas of our lives, including physical, social, personal, emotional, work/financial, academic, and spiritual aspects. Reaching a balance is an ongoing process, and everyone’s own personal balance will be unique.

Certain strategies, such as getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising are helpful to everyone’s mental and physical wellness.

other Ideas for maIntaInIng mental wellness:

  • Build confidence - identify your’ friend’s abilities and strengths, build on them and encourage your friend to do the best.
  • Give compliments – compliments help us to remember the positives in our lives when times get tough.
  • Give and accept support – support each other through tough times – support your friend and reach out to them when you need support.
  • Manage stress – help your friend to learn what stresses them and how they can manage it in healthy ways before it overwhelms them.
  • Deal with moods – support your friend to find safe and constructive ways to express negative feelings such as anger or sadness. Sports, writing (keeping a journal), painting, dancing, making crafts, are all good ways to help deal with difficult emotions.
  • Have fun together!
  • Encourage your friend to do things they are good at and to have the courage to step outside their comfort zone and try something new.
  • Share humour – take some time to laugh with your friend.
  • Be accepting of different body types and sizes. Actively challenge beliefs and assumptions about body size and shape (there is no "perfect" body size and shape). Thinness does not lead to success. Focus on what you like about who they are as people.

Helping others to acknowledge their strengths and feel good about themselves will in turn encourage you to recognize your own strengths and ways you can promote your own mental wellness.


Practicing relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises together can be a great strategy for reducing stress and managing anxiety. For starters, check out the Mindshift App for some relaxation techniques and Anxiety BC for some easy mindfulness exercises.