Signs a friend may need your support

All of us have experienced intense feelings – such as being stressed out, losing something important to us, a major disappointment, or feeling anxious. Although unpleasant, most of the time these feelings go away and we get back to our usual selves.

All of us also have probably experienced a time when a friend seemed to be struggling. It can be difficult though, to know if a friend is just dealing with the everyday challenges of life or if it's something more serious.

People experiencing mental health challenges may show changes in the way they think, feel or behave.

Signs a friend may need some support:

  • They don’t seem to enjoy activities as much anymore
  • They seem distracted or are having trouble staying focused
  • They are unusually worried about things that don’t seem to be a big deal to you or others
  • Their eating habits have changed – they avoid hanging out at lunchtime or make excuses as to why they’re not eating
  • They are always tired or complain they aren’t sleeping well
  • They are missing more and more time from school or work
  • They’ve increased how much they drink and/or use drugs
  • They are sad much of the time and find it hard to see any positives in their life
  • They are spending more time alone – don’t want to hang out with friends or do any of their usual activities

If you’ve noticed changes in a friend that have been going on for awhile or seem to be getting worse, it’s time to take action.