Mental Health – It’s Not Just About Mental Illness

Mental health is a fundamental component of our overall health. Just as we look after our physical health, we also need to take care of our mental health. Our mental health state can influence how we see ourselves, ability to carry out daily activities, achieve our potential, and relate to others around us.

Mental health is about the thoughts, feelings and behaviours we experience and our ability to respond to the stressors and challenges that are part of our lives.

Like physical health, our mental health can fluctuate. At times, we feel good about ourselves, our relationships with other people, and deal with challenges in in our day-to-day lives.  We also have times of feeling down or sad, worry about something, or struggle with negative thoughts. We may have trouble sleeping, lose our appetite, or temporarily withdraw from others. Sometimes these kinds of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors persist, become extreme and get in the way of everyday life.

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a critical stage of human development and presents many new challenges to a young person. It is also a time when mental health challenges first start to emerge. 

mental health struggles